Turbo Stock Pot
Turbo Stock Pot
Turbo Stock Pot

Turbo Stock Pot

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Technical Figures

Capacity 18.2 qt 22.4 qt 38.7 qt
Diameter 11.0 inch 11.8 inch 14.3 inch
Depth 11.0 inch 11.8 inch 14.3 inch
Stainless Steel 304 SS 304 SS 304 SS

No more “watched pot never boils” when you use the innovative Turbo Pot ™ stock pot. This techno-advanced cookware is perfect for making stock, broth, and soup; boiling lobster, shrimp, and corn; or deep frying turkey. The high-performance heat sink saves time and energy, enabling you to cook hotter and faster. The Turbo Pot™ stock pot boasts uniform heating to reduce hot spots. Dim down the burner and cook normally, you will save a lot of gas bill.

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